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Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate has taken a dramatic upturn in the last few years. As a result, interest has also spiked and created a demand for information in the area of online real estate investing. 

At, you will find the information you need to be successful among the hundreds of
books available. As always, there are numerous free educational articles offering valuable tips and advice at your disposal here.

Authors like Tyler Hicks, Frank Cook and Rita Santamaria are represented on topics ranging from everything you need to know to get started to turning zero dollars into seven figures a year. The success stories are real and we hear them every day. You could be one of those success stories.

Real Estate Investing - Tips and Advice

Getting Started With Real Estate Investing
It's often been claimed that Real Estate investing is one of the easiest ways to make money. In one way, that's true. With a modest financial investment and a fair amount of sweat equity, a property can be bought and sold for a healthy profit and the future still looks pretty good...

Questions To Ask Before Investing In Real Estate

Real Estate is a complicated business. Every facet is controlled, in most countries, by numerous legal restrictions and requirements and there are many people involved in any deal, some with vested and competing interests. But you can also make a lot of money and, in some ways, a lot easier than in many other businesses...

Real Estate - Your First Time
Buying a property for the first time, whether as a home or purely an investment, is exciting and risky - and one because of the other. You read or hear about rapidly rising prices and think 'I gotta get me some of that!' Excellent idea - if you keep in mind, too, that there are risks. Here are some suggestions about how to keep the excitement, profit from the opportunity, and minimize the risks...

Finding and Evaluating Property
Today, investing in Real Estate is easier and more profitable than ever. But even in a healthy market, with new tools to find and evaluate potentially profitable properties, you can lose a lot of money in a short time. To maximize the odds of winning, consider these tips...

Inspections Save You Money
Property, like any other good for sale, comes in all conditions. But the average home or real property costs 8-10 times or more the amount of other high ticket items. That's what makes it an investment rather than merely a purchase. Essential to ensuring it's a sound one is getting a thorough inspection. Write right into the deal that any offer is contingent on a satisfactory inspection. And what constitutes 'satisfactory'...?

Cheap Repairs, Big Profits
You want the most profit you can get for that property you sweat blood to buy. Is there anyway to improve your chances, without investing a lot more? Fortunately, there is... 

Keep Your Cash For A Rainy Day
Buying property is expensive under the best conditions. Even if you don't outlay a huge wad of cash initially, you're signing up for a substantial financial commitment. For those intending to occupy the property, at least for a while, there are additional expenses - moving, storage possibly, and often tax consequences.

Insurance and Risk Management
First, some statistics. In the summer of 2005, the median price of a home rose nearly 15 percent from the year earlier, in some markets, much more. Lenders lowered required credits scores (FICOs), waived some documentation requirements, and raised the debt allowance to 45 percent of income. Some reports estimate that interest-only loans now make up 30 percent of all new mortgages. Nearly 35 percent of mortgages are now ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages). Since June 2004, the U.S. Federal reserve has raised rates 11 times...

Property Investing - Managing Risk - Part I

In the world of property investment, there are various points along the 'just looking' to 'ready to sell' spectrum. Protecting your investment takes on different hues at different points...

Property Investing - Managing Risk - Part II
Investors have a hard life. Rising insurance rates, legal liability, security concerns and increasing interest rates may not be actually conspiring to give them early heart attacks, but it can seem that way. Managing risk is in large part about how to lower uncertainty by dealing appropriately with those and other stress factors...

Real Estate Investing - Maximizing Return
Buy low, sell high. Anyone in any market aims for that, but few succeed. The only reasonable conclusion is it's easier said than done. So, to be part of that group of 'we happy few', consider some of these ways to maximize your return...

Real Estate Investing - Creative Financing For Investors
For decades the way to finance a property purchase was 80-20, 20 percent down, 80 percent on loan. Certainly, there have been many who put more down, but 20 percent was considered the bare minimum. Happily, things have changed...

Property Investing - Tax Considerations For The Investor
There is no more Byzantine human invention than the complex tax codes, and among the most complicated are the laws surrounding real estate investing. So, what follows is NOT to be considered legal advice - consult your attorney or tax accountant before making any decisions...

Rental Property: Great Investment or Nightmare?
No one profits from their own ignorance. Thinking ahead is your best guarantee when considering whether to rent a property into the future or to sell for a fixed profit today...

Foreclosures: Sugar or Arsenic?
To the novice real estate investor foreclosures often look irresistibly attractive. Who wouldn't want to make a quick profit of 50% or more? But whether a foreclosure deal is really sugar or merely sweet-tasting arsenic depends on a list of complex factors...

Flipping: Not Gymnastics, But Lots of Exercise
'Flipping', in real estate investing lingo, is nothing more than buying a property and selling it again quickly, hopefully for a healthy profit. It's not illegal, it isn't even unethical - it's just business, and that can be done either way...

Property Investing - When It Doesn't Sell Fast Enough
In a market that has seen double-digit price increases for two years or more, selling a home was easy. Offer the property for sale at or slightly above market value and watch the bids roll in -  sometimes within days...

Real Estate Investing - Negotiating, Tough But Fair
No doubt, negotiating an agreement you'll later be happy about is the toughest part of any investment. It's a rare investor who consistently says afterwards that they got everything they wanted at the price they wanted to pay. But like any skill, negotiating can be learned...

Real Estate Investing - Timing Buying and Selling
Buying and selling real estate is similar to timing other investments - stocks, bonds, mutual funds. But there are two important differences... 

Real Estate Investing - Investment Strategies
According to one study 23 percent of all homes sold in 2004 were purchased as investments. Considering the historical returns, and the high percentage increase in prices over the last few years, this shouldn't be surprising. But there are several ways to profit from an investment in property...

Real Estate Investing... And Your Portfolio
Since the exponential expansion of products in the 1980s, investments now come in a bewildering variety. Sorting through the technical details and balancing the risks against potential gain of any given mix is a job for professionals. But short of gaining an advanced degree, the educated investor can still improve the odds by following some simple guidelines...

Commercial Investing: Complicated, You Bet!
According to a recent study in The Economist, residential property investment in developed countries amounted to $48 trillion, while commercial real estate investment (CREI) was 'only' $14 trillion. Though the number may be smaller, CREI is much more complex...

Real Estate and Marketing
Marketing is something everyone loves to hate, but you can't get around the fact that very little gets sold without it. Definitions vary, but marketing is roughly the development and execution of a strategy to sell something - which includes research, advertising, promotion and sales...

Real Estate Investing - Law Everywhere
Apart from possibly medicine, there's no area of human endeavor more intricately intertwined with legal trappings than Real Estate. Because of the larger amounts of money involved, and the centrality of property for living and carrying out so many commercial transactions, the rules have become complicated and many hands are in the pie...

FSBO or Agent, Which Is Best For You?
With the growth of the Internet, the prospect of 'going' FSBO - For Sale By Owner - as a method for selling your home is more attractive than ever... 

Real Estate - Tough Career Choice
Set your own hours, spend a lot of time outdoors, make lots of money. Sound good? With a career in Real Estate it is possible to have those things. But free lunches are hard to come by and this is no exception. Being a Real Estate Broker or Agent is a tough career choice...

Real Estate - Rural vs Urban Investing
As population shifts occur throughout the world many are finding it possible and desirable to move from urban areas to rural, mountain, and even island locales. In that fact lies a new opportunity for investment...

Real Estate and The Internet
As it has with almost every business, the growth of the Internet has significantly changed the landscape of property investment... 

Property or Paper?
Appraisals and inspections, marketing, renters, rehabs... it can all add up to a huge headache. But real estate investing is still exciting and lucrative. What to do? Consider investing in real estate-based financial instruments instead...


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  Real Estate - Your First Time  
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