Technical Analysis
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According to "Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets" by John J. Murphy, technical analysis is defined as the study of market action, primarily through the use of charts, for the purpose of forecasting future price trends. The technical approach is based on three basic premises: 1) Market action discounts everything. 2) Prices move in trends. 3) History repeats itself.

Technical Analysis is the subject of this section of You will find tips and advice to get you started, and books that will take you further. 

Technical Analysis is appraised by most high profile traders and should be a tool used by all serious traders! 

Technical Analysis - Tips and Advice

Forex Trading and Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis is the study of price movement. You can use price charts to track the history of price movement and attempt to anticipate which way prices will go in the future. 

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis in the Forex Markets
When it comes to analyzing the forex market, there are two basic schools of thought. One is called fundamental analysis. The other is technical analysis. 

Forex Trading and Fibonacci Numbers
Forex Trading and Fibonacci Numbers - Have you ever heard of Leonardo Fibonacci? No, he didn't paint the Mona Lisa. And he's not the guy behind the counter at Vinnie's Pizza. Fibonacci was a... 

Forex Trading and Japanese Candlesticks
What do Japanese candlesticks have to do with trading forex? A whole lot. Originally created in Japan (as the name implies) several centuries ago to trade rice, candle charts are used by thousands... 

Commodities - Technical Analysis - Expectancy
Fundamental analysis in commodities trading looks at economic factors such as weather predictions and crop yields, new mines opened, new oil extraction technology, etc. In short, factors affecting the causes of supply and demand. Technical analysis, by contrast, is based on the idea that trends can be detected by charting mathematical manipulations of a few basic variables: price, volume and a few others. Most macro-economic factors are given much less weight. Actual market activity in the recent past is what is considered most important to predict future prices...

Options Trading - Intro to Technical Analysis for Non-Dummies
There exist today an array of charts, patterns and statistical analyses large enough to please even a Medieval numerologist. Though it often looks and reads much like mathematical tea-leaf reading, most of the commonly used tools are based on serious empirical studies of the markets...

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