Options Trading
- Books, Tips and Advice

Options Trading - Books, Tips and Advice

Books and free articles are not only handy but truly a necessity in the area of trading options online. You will find books available at 123onlinetrading.com as well as the free high quality educational articles we always offer.

Authors include, but are not limited to: Kaye Thomas, Christopher Agar, David Gumpert, Salih Neftci and Desmond Higham on subjects from secrets of the industry to advanced pricing models. There are also books and free tips and advice on derivatives, credit derivatives and the mathematical computation involved in trading options online.

Options Trading - Tips and Advice

Options 101

Trading shares of stock has become as common as surfing the Internet. But, like any financial investment, trading stock is risky. The price can fall unexpectedly and stay down for lengthy periods. To offset that risk, and to trade with more funds than you have without borrowing, options are... well, an option...

Options Trading - Calls and Puts
Options are contracts on some underlying trading instrument - shares of stock, bonds, a commodity, a mortgage loan, etc. (The list is endless.) But regardless of what the option is on, there are common features. One of the most basic is the contract feature specifying what the option owner has actually contracted for...

Options Trading 101
Stock and Bond trading strategies run the gamut from the simple 'buy and hold forever' to the most advanced use of technical analysis. Options trading has a similar spectrum...

Options Trading 102
Options trading can become very complicated very quickly. There are LEAPS (long-term contracts), choosers, barriers, compounds (exotics) and a host of technical parameters to measure volatility and predict price movements...

Options - Risk Management
There are more kinds of risk than there are investments, since every instrument carries several kinds. But risk isn't inherently bad. Without it there'd be fewer opportunities for profit...

How To Read Options Listings
Options price listings vary in appearance from site to site, but most will contain the following basic information. Here's a breakdown of what they list and what it means...

Options - Trading Strategies, Basic Concepts
There are several basic options trading strategies, but in order to execute any of them successfully an investor new to options will need to know some elementary concepts.

Options - Trading Strategies, Profit and Risk
Risk isn't inherently bad. Without it, there would be far fewer opportunities for profit. In particular, there would be no options market at all. No one would have to speculate on price direction or other factors, since risk always implies uncertainty about the future...

Options - Blessed Are The Greeks - Part I
The ancient Greeks are justly praised for inventing much of elementary mathematics. But it was left to moderns to create the tools that help options traders quantify risk and calculate prices. Chief among these tools are several quantities known fondly as The Greeks: delta, theta, gamma and vega.

Options - Blessed Are The Greeks - Part II
In Part I, we introduced the concept of the Greeks as trading tools and discussed delta and theta. We continue by examining gamma and vega. (Note: unlike the others, vega is NOT a Greek letter.)

Options Trading - Values and Prices, Part I
Unlike stocks, options have an expiration date. Unless a company goes bankrupt or buys back all its stock, the stock investor always has the choice to wait for a price correction. Sometimes that wait represents the triumph of hope over experience, but more on that elsewhere.

Options Trading - Values and Prices, Part II
In Part I, we outlined an example. MSFT (Microsoft) stock with a current market price of $27, and a June 30 call option with premium of $2. (I.e. an option whose characteristics are: contract to buy 100 shares of MSFT by June 16 at a strike price of $30. Remember the '30' refers to the strike price, not the expiration date.)...

Options and Volatility
Because the actual calculation, and sometimes even the discussions, of volatility involve some fearsome mathematics, novice options traders often forgo learning about it. Those traders are at a disadvantage compared to their more intrepid competitors. And unnecessarily so, since the concept is not only useful but simple to understand.

Options and Leverage
Options and Leverage: Why do options offer any advantage over trading stocks? They're riskier, since they expire within a certain amount of time and their values are more complicated to assess...

Options and Hedging, Trim Risks Not Bushes
Options are frequently used in hedging. A hedge is an investment made to offset the risk incurred by entering another investment. Ironically, the basic idea is to bet against oneself, in a way...

Options Trading - Intro to Technical Analysis for Non-Dummies
There exist today an array of charts, patterns and statistical analyses large enough to please even a Medieval numerologist. Though it often looks and reads much like mathematical tea-leaf reading, most of the commonly used tools are based on serious empirical studies of the markets...

Options and Futures, Similarities and Differences
You often see the phrase 'options and futures', as if the two were financial Siamese twins. But, though similar, there are important differences the savvy investor should keep in mind...

Futures - Risks and Advantages
The terms 'options' and 'futures' appear together often enough to confuse even knowledgeable traders into thinking they are the same thing. But, while they have important similarities, options and futures are distinct trading instruments.

Funds and Options
Funds and Options - Trading options is risky. While the risk is limited to the cost of the option (the 'premium'), that isn't necessarily small. A Google June 400 call can cost around $2800...

Options - Glossary
Learn about the Black-Scholes Model, Butterfly Spread, Calendar Spread, condor, delta, Exercise Price, Historic Volatility and much more here at 123OnlineTrading.com. 

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