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Forex Trading is a tricky business and not one to venture into without some knowledge. 

Trading currencies can be an incredibly profitable way to make a living. The combination of margin leverage and a low minimum amount required for trading make forex trading ideal for small investors.

However, despite the opportunities for profit, the majority of forex traders lose all of their money within a year. At, you will be able to get the necessary edge with
informational books and free tips and advice covering subjects such as how to read forex quotes, understanding Pips, types of forex orders and more...

Forex Trading - Tips and Advice

Introduction to Forex Trading
I'm sure you've already heard of Forex trading. It is one of the hottest topics around these days. But what exactly is it and how can the average Joe make money in the currency markets? 

Reading Forex Quotes

To a newcomer in the world of trading, forex quotes can be confusing. But they are actually quite simple to read. Let's look at an example of what a foreign exchange rate... 

Forex Trading - Understanding Pips
To forex traders, everything revolves around pips. Learn about Pips by reading this article.

Types of Forex Orders
Currency Trading - Types of Forex Orders: When your broker buys or sells a currency for you, it is called 'executing an order'. Other forex order types are: market orders, limit orders and OCO... 

Currency Trading - Understanding Margin and Leverage
Understanding Margin and Leverage - Being able to trade currencies on margin is one of the greatest advantages of forex trading. You can purchase large quantities of currency while only putting up a small... 

Avoiding Failure in the Forex Market
Forex trading can be an incredibly profitable way to make a living. The combination of margin leverage and a low minimum amount required for trading make ... 

Forex Trading - Calculating Profit and Loss
Online forex brokers have trading platforms that automatically calculates your profits and losses for you. But it's important to understand the basic math behind it... 

Choosing a Forex Broker
In order to trade in the Forex market you will need to find yourself a forex broker. But it can be hard to figure out which one is best. This article will give you an idea of  what to look for...

Forex Trading vs The Stock Market
Trading currencies on the foreign exchange has quite a few advantages over trading stocks. 1. A 24-hour market 2. Low Transaction Costs and 3. Leverage/Margin are some. But there are more...

Fundamental Analysis of the Currency Markets
Forex analysis can be done in two different ways: 1. fundamental analysis and 2. technical analysis... 

Forex Trading - Technical Analysis
Forex Trading - Technical Analysis is the study of price movement. You can use price charts to track the history of price movement and attempt to anticipate which way prices will go in the future. 

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis
When it comes to analyzing the forex market, there are two basic schools of thought. One is called fundamental analysis. The other is technical analysis. 

Traits of Successful Forex Traders
Forex trading is not for everyone. There are a lot of variables to take into account, and there is always the risk of losing money. Read this article carefully. 

Forex Trading and Fibonacci Numbers
Forex Trading and Fibonacci Numbers - Have you ever heard of Leonardo Fibonacci? No, he didn't paint the Mona Lisa. And he's not the guy behind the counter at Vinnie's Pizza. Fibonacci was a... 

Forex Trading and Japanese Candlesticks
What do Japanese candlesticks have to do with trading forex? A whole lot. Originally created in Japan (as the name implies) several centuries ago to trade rice, candle charts are used by thousands... 

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Online Forex Trading Tips
  Currency Trading  
  Introduction to Forex  
  Reading Forex Quotes  
  Understanding Pips  
  Types of Forex Orders  
  Understanding Margin and Leverage  
  Avoiding Failure in the Forex Market  
  Calculating Profit and Loss  
  Choosing a Forex Broker  
  Forex Trading vs The Stock Market  
  Forex - Fundamental Analysis  
  Technical Analysis  
  Fundamental vs Technical Analysis  
  Traits of Successful Forex Traders  
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Commodity Trading

  Intro to Commodities - Part 1  
  Intro to Commodities - Part 2  
  Commodity Exchanges  
  Financial Indexes  
  Commodity Types  
  Reading Commodity Prices  
  Commodities - Margins  
  Commodities - Leverage  
  Trading Coffee  
  Trading Silver  
  Trading Uranium  
  Trading Soybean  
  Trading Oil  
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Online Options Trading

  Options 101  
  Calls and Puts  
  Options Trading 101  
  Options Trading 102  
  Options - Risk Management  
  How To Read Options Listings  
  Trading Strategies - Basic Concepts  
  Trading Strategies - Profit and Risk  
  The Greeks - Part 1  
  The Greeks - Part 2  
  Values and Prices - Part 1  
  Values and Prices - Part 2  
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  Real Estate Investing  
  Getting Started in Real Estate  
  Questions To Ask Before Investing  
  Real Estate - Your First Time  
  Finding and Evaluating Property  
  Inspections Save You Money  
  Cheap Repairs, Big Profits  
  Keep Your Cash For A Rainy Day  
  Insurance and Risk Management  
  Managing Risk - Part 1  
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